Special Features of iOS 9 That Helps to Improve Your Business

Introduction Of iOS 9:

The successor to iOS 8, iOS 9 is introduced on June 8 by Apple Inc. and it will be available for public use in September 2015. Apple has announced its plan to help users to wirelessly discover and manage home-kit compatible accessories with Home app in iOS 9. IOS 9 is considered as the next-generation operating system, ensuring better user experience with advanced features. iOS App is to keep the thing running smoothly for your business. IOS9 truly focuses on intelligence and proactivity it frames the data so it can run efficiently on all types of devices. IOS 9 can be greatly helpful for businesses to enhance the work productivity.

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Advanced Features of iOS 9:

Like all prominent iOS updates, iOS 9 is packed with advanced features, including enhancements to stock applications. The major features iOS 9 include multitasking features like split view, slide over and Picture-in-Picture. Other unique features iOS 9 include are wallet with support for store loyalty cards, better battery performance, news apps, better search facility, new notification system, better security, quick typing, transit maps, spotlight upgradation with deep linking, apple music, trackpad for iPad, iCloud drive, changes in keyboard, side switch, podcasts, settings search and advanced features video recording.

IOS 9 Supported Devices:

IOS 9 support iPhone, iPad, iPad mini and iPod touch. In the iPhone category, iOS 9 supports iPhone 4s,iPhone 6, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPhone plus and iPhone 5. In iPod, it support to the iPod touch (5th Generation). In iPad, it support iPad air, iPad (4thGeneration), iPad 2, iPad air 2 and iPad (4th Generation). And in iPad mini iOS 9, iOS 9 supporting devices are as iPad mini 3, iPad (1st Generation) and iPad mini.

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Difference Between iOS 9 and iOS 8.3

  • In iOS 9, icons are smaller than iOS 8.3
  • iOS 9 consume less battery comparing iOS 8.3
  • In iOS 9, there is no passbook, unlike iOS 8.3. It is replaced by Wallet
  • In iOS 9, lower case letter can be seenon the keys of keyboard
  • iOS 9 has come up withtypical feature like addition of photos in the notes
  • Car play is now activated in iOS 9, unlike iOS 8.3
  • Efficient multitasking features in iOS 9 comparing iOS 8.3

How iOS 9 is Helpful for Your Business?

Mobile Apps is more important for you to improve the business. You can showcase your services in mobility to attract your customers to know about your services. Mobile apps running on advanced iOS 9 OS is easy way to attract your customers, since such apps can bevery helpful for your customersto buy your product or services. You can greatly increase the sales and revenue of your business with mobile apps running on iOS 9 OS.

How iOS 9 is Helpfulfor Your Customers?

Wallet with support for store loyalty cards, multitasking capability and better battery performance can double your customers’ experience those are using iOS 9 with mobile apps. New notification system in iOS 9, which can engage customers from time to time by sending out notifications about special offers and special events.By building mobile apps running on iOS, you can increase your sales and revenue as well as your popularity in the market.

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