How To Implement iOS 9 Multitasking Features to Apps

Feature-rich iOS 9

The successor to iOS 8, iOS 9 is introduced on June 8 by Apple Inc. The company announced at the company’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2015 on June 8, 2015 that iOS9 will be available for public use in September 2015. IOS 9 is truly a next-generation operating system, which guarantees providing a great user experience with dynamic features.

iOS 9 is very helpful for businesses to increase productivity. iOS 9’s concentration is about framing the data in an intelligent and proactive manner. If you are using older iOS version, you should upgrade to iOS 9 to get the benefits of new features.

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The Major Multitasking Feature of iOS 9 Are:

Slide Over

In iOS 9, the slide over feature lets users to choose another app simultaneously that they can pick up from overlay views on the screen’s right side.The split view feature enables users to use two different apps side by side.

It is helpful when you are working with an app and want to use another app to refer or borrow data from that app. You can get it done by just swiping app and without closing app.

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Split Screen (Film Making)

With the update to iOS9, all the major iPad devices would probably be highly used by enterprises to enhance work productivity. Employees can use iOS 9 to easily finish their work with split-screen multitasking feature.

iOS 9 up-gradation also lets users drag and drop between apps. Better than Windows 8, in iOS 9, the split view is adjustable to 50/50 or 70/30 sizes.

Picture in Picture

With the release of iOS 9, iPad owners could shrink video and watch movies in the best angle. For those who like to enjoy watching movies while working with the emails or massages, this is greatly helpful for them.

If you are a developer, you should be ready for the effective implementation of multitasking features in the apps.

In order to implement multitasking, you should configure your Xcode project with the right strategy.You should implement below steps properly:

1) Develop with iOS 9 in the SDK in Xcode 7
2) Unite a develop screen storyboard
3) Upkeep all orientations

The apps should be made ready to support for auto-layout and other functions, once all these steps are finished.

Less Development Resources

The significant changebrought by multitasking is the limited number of resources. You can’t consider that your app is the only one running always. Your application need to be updated to adjust to coming changes. Giving the better training for the resources to handle the application properly is important.

Designing of Multitasking

In the new multitasking environment, it is crucial designing an iPhone and iPad app that should support flexibility and input changes. If designing is good, users will like the app and if users like the app, the app will automatically get popularized.

The Major Benefits of Multitasking Features in iOS 9 for iOS users:

  • User can easily view the apps at the same time
  • Users can use the video and watch the movie when working in email or massages together
  • User can split the screen in the OS device and they can watch the different apps in the same device
  • It is users friendly.

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