Which Startups Got Recognized Within a Short Period?

We appreciate the efforts of startups that they are putting to get recognized because once we were also a startup. Entrepreneurs know how difficult bringing business up.We had adopted latest technologies to achieve ourgoals. We also wish other entrepreneurs to move with the latest technology trends to get succeeded. We have found creating a motivating environment around us with an intelligence and motivated energy, which has helped us to build a team and get recognized.

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Mobile Application Development

Small scale businesses are the pillars of the economy, this is not different when it comes to the tech business. They are also capable to gain attention with exciting and cutting-edge innovations as technology is open for everyone who are enthusiastic about technology. Every mobile app you are using today that was born out with a single concept and developed with solid plans by an entrepreneur.

The app was either separately built by person or with the help of mobile application development company or with a small fund, or entrepreneurs were able to manage raise funds. That effort could have helped them to build a company around their idea, and introducing mobile apps to the market.

And, a lot of small business fails because of some business problems, some rise and even achieve success.Companies those even find difficulty toget noticed, they can achieve international recognition with dedicated effort. Many startups have great stories.Some recognized startups you have heard and some you may not. Let’s see some of them:

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WhatsApp was established in 2009 by Brian Acton and Jan Koum. WhatsApp was occupied by Facebook on February 19 2014 for approximately 16 billion USD. WhatsApp is an instant messaging app for smartphones, with which people can chat, share the images and videos with the friends and family members. WhatsApp is an easy way of communicating. It is completely a user friendly app.


Two MIT computer science graduates, Drew Houston and Arash Ferdowsi, came up with the Dropbox idea in 2008.Dropbox is an innovative cloud-based file sharing service that helps to share files between PC and mobile. With an account in Dropbox, you access office files directly in home in mobile or home PC or laptop. Here, no USB pen drive or card reader is needed.

Drew Houston realized the need of this kind of service when he had forgotten his USB thumb-drive while he was travelling by a public bus. When the Dropbox team moved to Silicon Valley, Steve Job offered Dropbox team to join Apple, in 2009. But Houston respectfully denied the Job’s offer, because he had aimed to establish his own business. Dropbox is one of the great examples of emerging startups that recognized with innovative ideas. Dropbox initiated its venture with only 50 employees and now it has to employ more than 700 employees. Today, Dropbox’s value is over ten billion dollars.


Security is one of the most important concerns for online businesses now a days.Hacks, identity theft and big cyber attacks are occurring all around the world. Many people ignore this until they fall into serious trouble, which mainly happens because of compromised login credentials. Clef is a well known startup that has brought a unique solution to fix these types of cyber attracts.

Clef was created by Brennen Byrne with the support of a few other graduates from Pomona College in December 2013. Today, around 60,000 websites are using Clef to secure their online data. If Clef is app installed on your mobile, you can log into any website. When you login, the Clef app uses the camera in your phone to synchronize with a pattern showed on the website. You can log into the website after app and pattern displayed on the website get synchronized.


FLICKR is an image hosting and video hosting website that helps photo researchers and by bloggers to share and embed personal photographs.

Flickrwas first developed by Ludicrop in 2004 and later it was occupied by Yahoo in 2005. Stewart Butterfield and Caterina Fake were the founders of Flickr. They first developedFlickr to support an MMOG called Game Neverending, but that effort got wasted. But, they utilized from some of the tools developed for that game and used to build Flickr.

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