Why WhatsApp is a Unique Chat App?

Brian Action and Jan Koum were working at Yahoo.After they left yahoo, they discussed with their friends and they started developing the app, Koum chose the name to the app “WhatsApp” because its sounds like a “what’s up,” and Koum incorporated WhatsApp inc. Finally, WhatsApp was established in the year 2009 by Jan Koum together with Brian Action.

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Acquirement by Facebook:

WhatsApp was occupied by Facebook on 19th February 2014 for approximately 19 billion USD. WhatsApp Messenger it is helpful for the people they can send the text massages, images and videos. To use WhatsApp, people need to download the app freely and they can use the app after installing it.After using one year, they need to pay charge like $1 per year. Now a day they are adopting new technologies and improving the app.

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Top Features of WhatsApp

Supporting multiple platforms:

First, WhatsApp was introduced in iPhone, later on, it was introduced for Android iPad, BlackBerry and Windows Platforms.Now it is helpful for all people who are using the smartphones.And people can download the app in the laptop they can use the app, it is helpful for the people. In any smartphones, they can use WhatsApp.

No Ads:

WhatsApp Messenger has no adoption. Advertisers don’t have permission to add ads on the page thatis protected by the company. It is helpful for the people who are using the WhatsApp because it doesn’t disturb the people while chatting.In some of the apps, they ads appear continuously, which disturbs people while chatting.Managing adds is more time consuming, if the ads are not coming it is helpful for the people, so they can chat happily.

Advantages of WhatsApp:

  • User can contact people through the contact list
  • Chatters from the both ends can chat or share the information
  • Users can use on any smartphones
  • Users can chat with group by adding their friends to the group
  • People can share any information within seconds.
  • They can share the images and videos through this they can send information to more people
  • Recently they have introduced the call option and it is helpful for the users if both users are online. Also, they can call and discuss it free of cost.
  • WhatsApp is users friendly App

Features of WhatsApp:

  • The latest versions of WhatsApp is 4.0.0 and v 4.0.4, which include the feature of free calling.
  • User can tick the unread option when they are not interested to read
  • If we didn’t read, we can tick read option and get the information
  • We will get notification when we come back to online
  • Lower data consumption in voice calling

A Large User Base

There are 450 million of users, of which 320 million of users are regular users. If we send SMS or MMS, if the network is not there it wouldn’t reach people. Likewise, in WhatsApp also, you can’t receive messages until you are online, but you can instant notification once you are online.

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