Messenger Apps on the Ladder of Popularity

People are getting updated with the latest technology with their smart phones. And,people think getting something for free good to the users. The younger generation is not depended on one thing, they think differently.

Mobile Application Development Company In Florida
Mobile Apps Development Company In Miami

Messenger apps are used by the users every day on their phones. Now a days most of the users are going to app stores and they are downloading the appsand using it in their phones. Now young generation is using the best messenger apps that are available in iOS and Android platforms.

There are a number of applications updated in the app store. The users are not depended on one app, but they use different apps, in that they find the best app and use that. The latest messenger apps are attracting the existing and new mobile users with their latest features.

The younger generation gets many benefits witha single app. Have you got what we are discussing about? Messenger Apps. Most of the mobile users use messengerapps in the iPhone and Android devices.

Facebook Messenger:

The Facebook messenger application has gained popularity in the market in a very short period. User can do group chatting, and can share the videos, photos. Facebook is attracting users with more innovative features with Facebook Messenger, which is encouraging people to look into it.

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Users can play the games, share the location, do video chat, and group chatting. Users can get many more features in the Facebook messenger in the near future.

WhatsApp Messenger:

WhatsApp is the most famous chat application in the world. WhatsApp was introduced in the year 2009 to the market. The user can create several groups in the app.A user can invite friends and families to the group who are not on the contact list. Those who are not in the contact list can also be invited.It is more beneficial to the users they can bring their friends to one screen and chat with them.

There is a calling facility in WhatsApp, which reduce the call charges. With the help of the internet,user can make a call and chat as well as share the photos, videos and voice massages.

Circle Chat

Circle Chat belongs to the Sinar Mas Group, which was founded in the year 1962. Basically from Indonesia, Sinar Mas operates in many sectorssuch as pulp&paper, real estate, financial services, telecommunication and mining. They developedCircle Chat app for their telecommunication to attract their customers. Circle chat was developed by FuGenX, the fastest growing iPhone app development company in Miami. We are also an emerging Android app development company in Miami.

Main features of Circle Chat appare, users can chat one to one orin a group, easy and quick transfer of videos, images and contacts. As a special feature, user can identify strangers who are using circle chat app in the surrounding areas, and invite and start chatting with them.The app can easily be shared with others, registration is not imperative for users.Users can use the app lock feature to lock app from being misused.

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