How much does e-learning mobile app development cost?

E-learning is a modern way of learning with the help of computers and it is online education, which has been adopted by the educational institutions like schools and colleges, training institutions.

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Now the e-learning trend has been changed all over the world. Nowadays, all educational institutions and training institutions are offering the distance education as it is convenient for students learning through online with the help of computers. Students can learn even when they are traveling, which is greatly helpful for students. Whenever, wherever they want to study, they can study through online.

The Era of M-learning

M-learning is the latest trend in e-learning which is helpful to students learn the things without the computer. They can study with the help of smartphones, Mobile Apps.

Now a days, the smart phone has become very important in everybody’s life. The e-learning app is mainly developed by the educational institutions and training institutions, which the student can access in different type of devices like Android, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry and Windows Phone. If the students can learn the subjects through m-learning method instead of going to the college, they can be benefited greatly.

The traditional way of learning or learning as a student in the college need more time. With the m-learning (e-learning) method, professionals can equally concentrate both on their study and professional life.

Benefits of m-learning:

Easy Access:

Mobile learning allows students learning at any time, at any place. When they have free time, they can focus on their subjects, especially during the weekends or while travailing they can learn.

Learning Together

M-learning also allows learning with co-ordination. Students can access course materials at anyplace, can discuss with others when they want, where they want.

Engaging the Learners:

Mobile learning is the part of e-learning. E-learning is restricted to desktop computers or laptops, they cannot learn the things on the go. Students get engaged with training institution when they are inside the training institution. But, if the training institution offers mobile app for students, it is easier for training institution to engage students with social networking options even outside the organization.


There may be different types of learners in the same place, they can understand the things with their own strategies. Somebody understands quickly, others take lots of time. In m-learning, those who couldn’t understand the things in first time, can able to relearn the easily.

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Different Type of Learning Styles:

M-learning allows the learners learn the things in the following ways:

1 Reading
2 Through watching videos
3 Through audio
4 Searching on the internet
With the help of this, the learner can understand the things easily.

Difference between e-learning and m-learning:

  • E-learning relatively takes more time compared e-learning method for students
  • In e-learning, students need computers or laptops, but in m-learning students can learn the things at their fingertips at anytime, anywhere.
  • Tracking of course means how much portion is completed is easier with m-learning, with the notifications.

E-learning Native App:

The E-learning (m-learning) Native App is developed for the particular operating system. And, it is downloaded at the app store and is helpful for students learn the things easily.

Any educational institution or training institution when they want to decide on which platform mobile app to be developed like Android Application Development, iPhone Application Development, iPad Apps Development, Windows Apps Development or BlackBerry Apps Development, they think about cost.

The e-learning app development cost depends on the platforms, features and functionality of the app. If you need special features, the cost will be high. If you want to develop an app with basic features, the cost will be less.

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