Mobile Advertising or Mobile Apps: Which Benefits More?

Now days smart phones are becoming more popular in the world. Smart Phone is becoming a great advantage to the users to interact with the world that may be family, friends, other people or groups and even business friends. Nowadays, in developed and developing country, most of the citizens interact with the smart phones. Nowadays, how our communication happens, how do we buy, sell or book tickets or make the payments and get information?

There are two ways, through this, business can reach customers the smart phone. One way is ‘Mobile Advertising’ and the other one is with the help of ‘Mobile Apps’. Let us know more information about both Mobile Advertising and Mobile Apps.

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Mobile Advertising:

It is one of the fastest growing communication methods between business and customers. According to a report, spending on mobile advertising by businesses is going to surpass the spending on desktop based advertising this year.

A well planned and attractive mobile advertising will increase the purchase and it has the possibility of recommendation between customers. Mobile ads might outperform desktop ads in the coming years. Mobile ads will increase brand awareness, better than desktop advertising.

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Nowadays in mobile ads which is advertised as a smart phone ads occupies a small portion on the screen like top, bottom or sides. That ads are same like our little finger, provides a small space for advertising. In that it will show small words that cannot communicate with people with the complete add description. For instance, a car ad in the smartphone that will show the car but users cannot find out which car it is. In this module, mobile ads are less effective as it doesn’t show the ads in a proper way.

Moreover, mobile advertisement is not possible to give complete customer information to users. If the ad is in poor quality, it couldn’t be effective.

Mobile Apps:

Mobile Apps Development is another method that companies are adopting to reach out their customers with the latest technologies.

According to the Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz, the companies they have increased their digital advertisement budget have achieved significant growth in their business performance. Starbucks mobile app has helped their customers effectively by shortening the waiting queue and providing the services faster.

Mobile Apps are primarily categorized into 5 types such as Games and entertainment, social networks, utilities, discovery, and brands.

To the extent possible, first understand the category when you have a plan to develop the app, its strategy should be very close to your business strategy. The app should be simple and easier to navigate. When developing the app, it should be in native platforms like iOS, Android and other, to successfully   connect with the mobile savvy customers.

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