5 Common Mistakes That You Must Avoid in Mobile App Development

With the introduction of mobile app, smartphones have made millions lives easier. This has created a plethora of opportunities for businesses to engage customers and increase sales. If there is an opportunity, there is competition as well. Mobile app development is not exception of that.

Have you ever thought why some apps perform better than similar apps of same features and functionalities? It is why because high performing apps are high in terms of features and functionalities, whereas low performing apps are opposite of that, because of common errors they possess.

After having years of proven experience in mobile app development, FuGenX, premiere mobile app development company in North Carolina, is listing out some common mistakes made in app development to avoid you not to do the same.

Mobile App Development Company in Charlotte

Failing to Create User-friendly Design

Attracting customers to your app every day is not an easy task. There is a varied expectation by every customer. First impression is the best impression, so your app design should be in such a way that is capable to get hold the interest of users at first look.

Many users expect welcome message that directs towards app manual while entering into the app, while others go on their way to explore the things. Reaching every single customer preference is a very difficult task.

Also, most of the customers won’t be interested to fill out the registration form without knowing how the app will be useful to them. It is very bad to keep long registration form with animated elements that hide the core contents. Enable the registration/login through social media channels.

Lack of Systematic Logical Flow in Menu

Allow your customers to get the required information in a systematic logical flow. Randomly made menu confuses the users, and encourages them to jump out.

Not Including Some Visual Clues to Help Users?

An image with action sign can make the app usage access for users. If the images are poor or not up to users’ expectation, in such case, the designer need to take care of that. Here are some designing principles to follow, which can be helpful to solve the design issues:

1 Go with the conventional form of design, why because most of the people don’t like fully different mobile apps.

2 Use regions and cultures influence metaphors in your app, which can help to emotionally connect with the users.

3 There should be some text with visual clues. Many people understand text better than images.

Overloading Information over Core Features

Core features always should be in the sight of users. If you overload secondary features over primary features, it makes users get irritated without finding what they want. Reducing unnecessary features and functions will uplift your app drastically.

Not Adding Intuitive Icons and Other Graphical Elements

Intuitive icons and graphical elements help to stand your app out from the competition. To make that possible, you can make use of advanced designing tools.


There is a plethora of opportunities in mobile apps development. By developing a mobile app, you can increase more revenue, but you should avoid above common mistakes.

Want to Develop Mistake-free Mobile App?

If yes, FuGenX can help you. FuGenX Technologies LLC is the world-class Mobile apps development company in Atlanta, Ohio and Florida USA. FuGenX is providing its world-class mobility services throughout the world. Its prime services include iPhone apps development, iPad apps development, Blackberry apps development and Windows apps development. FuGenX is also a raising Android app development company in Charlotte.

Reach FuGenX at fugenx.com or info@fugenx.com for world-class mobile app development services.


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