Mobile App Can Change the Way How You Recruit and How Candidates Respond! Really?

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The answer is yes, mobile app is the latest technology used in recruitment process. By just tapping on smartphones, recruiters can send job requirement to thousands of job aspirants across the world. It allows job seekers to find their dream job connecting with the recruiters. With mobile app development for your recruitment firm, you can achieve all amazing benefits. Mobile apps saves time, and build better collaboration between recruiters and job seekers.

Top Benefits of Mobile Recruiting Apps:

Instant Communication

Most of the people don’t check emails regularly. By leaving push notifications to candidates’ drop box about the job, you can find the required candidates easily. It is more effective and strong means of effectually communicating about the open positions.

Location Tracking

Now a days, most of the people are using the GPS in their smartphones to easily know where they are in. If your prospective candidates have enabled the GPS, you can reach them out immediately. By using GPS, you can easily find out local candidates if you need them.

Improved users experience

Updating profile via website is a time-taking process. Instead, allow job seekers to bring change to their profile via mobile app, which can enhance their experience and make them loyal to your service.

Supporting Status

According to a recent study conducted by an employer research agency in 2013, there are only 110 recruiters out of 694 using mobile apps for the recruitment process. But today the scenario has changed significantly. HR agencies are realising the benefit of mobile apps for the simplified recruitment process. Now the mobile app development is becoming more important in every industry.

What mobile apps offer for candidates?

Mobile application developers include what you want to offer for job seekers in the app.

Search and apply for jobs via mobile

Candidates app helps the candidates find and apply for the jobs through mobile devices in a facile manner. The candidates can know the vacancies in the job board posted by recruiters.

Some Key Features in Candidate App

Keyword and location based job search
View job details
View company details
Immediately apply for the job
Update and Upload of resumes
Receive job alerts notification regularly and follow up notification regularly


The recruitment ecosystem is changing its trends. If you are into in-house setup or in agency side, leverage mobile apps for efficient recruitment process. It may cost one time but it will create a long-term value.

Now a days, all sorts of industries are developing mobile apps for their business to increase revenue and reputation. They prefer android app development, iPhone apps development, iPad app development, blackberry apps development and windows app development platforms as well.

Have a Plan to Develop a Mobile App to Simplify Recruitment Process and Engage Candidates?

If yes, FuGenX can help you. FuGenX Technologies is the world’s fastest growing mobile apps development company in New York, Atlanta and New Jersey. FuGenX has developed mobile apps for many global companies like Praxair, Big Basket, and many more apps developed and delivered successfully. FuGenX has helped many recruitment agencies to simplify recruitment process and for candidates engagement.

Reach FuGenX at or to take your recruitment process to the next level with world-class recruitment app.


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