How to get media attention for your app?

Today around 2 billion people are using smartphones throughout the world. Now a days, application development is becoming more and more popular. There are thousands of mobile app development companies in Atlanta, London and across the world.

Hot to get attanction

What is mobile app?

Mobile app is a software application developed especially for smartphones and tablets.

The benefits of having mobile apps:

  • Apps increase customer engagement
  • Apps reduce costs
  • Apps increase brand value

How to market your app?                                               

There are many ways to market your app, and one of the best ways is marketing through media. This helps you reach your app to a wider customer base. After developing the mobile app, it should be reviewed by the media. Reviews from most popular blogs or websites to your app not only makes your app popular, but also boosts up downloads.  Here are some important tips that’ll help you make your app get noticed by the media.

Send Noticeable Review Request Mail

Generally app owners send review request e-mails to the editors, but they don’t have the time to read every email about every app. So to make your email get notified, the email subject should be interesting. It should be attractive and short, otherwise it won’t be opened. Try to write like “Review request Xentelife App”. Also make sure that the first sentence of the body content should be about your app’s uniqueness.

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Make your app easy to download by reviewer:

Reviewers are busy people. So if you want to get your app reviewed by them, make your app easy to download. When you’re sending the mail to the reviewer, you need to include the active app download link in the email. If your app is paid app, make it free to download for reviewers.

Contact reviewers through social media:

Contacting reviewers through social media is more effective than contacting through email. Use social media like Twitter or Facebook to contact reviewers who might be interested in reviewing your app.

You should be responsive:

You should be responsive to all media inquiries. If reviewer asks you a question about your app, you should give answer quickly, otherwise late reply will be worthless.

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