How to Choose Icon for Your App?

Now a days, mobile apps are increasingly in more demand. In an effort to serve their customers better, many companies are showing more interest in developing their own mobile applications.

After spending so many months working on your app, you may have come up with a good app idea. And now it is time for giving a name and icon for it. New mobile app developers think that this is the easiest part of the iOS app development process, but experienced developers think choosing icon for your app is not that much easy, why because they know how important an icon for any app. Mobile app development companies in Los Angeles, Florida, Charlotte and North Carolina are well known for creating good app icons. If you need to create an app icon, here are some considerations which you can look into in order to choose best name and icon for your app.

App Icon

Great app names and icons come from a wonderful inspiration. In the most cases, in order to get it, hard work is must. Let’s see the dos and don’ts that you should remember when choosing app name and icon:



Title in your app contains maximum 24 characters. If your app title is in this range, it looks better when viewed in search results.

Make sure your interested name is not used before. Spend time searching in the app store and avoid facing copyright issue.

Use the title that is simple, easy to remember and easy to spell. Use the letters or words in the name that can be memorable. Think “Candy Crush” or “Clash of Clean” like titles.

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Don’t choose the name which is named nearly like popular apps in the market. If you do that, most of the users think that you are trying to cash in someone else’s success.

Using any special characters. Including any characters like number or a letter will throw your SEO results out and make it difficult for users to find your app in the app store.

Title shouldn’t be strange. The title should be related to your app core feature or functionality.



The icon should be simple. There is less space to fill the content. Adding more elements will be difficult for users to understand it.

Transfer the colour palette to your app icon, but limit it to using only 2 or 3 colours.

Test your Icon on different background colours and textures. Personalize it with maximum users’ phone.


Using any text. Your app icon is not the app’s title. So avoid using text in icon.

Using a photo. Don’t use any photo to icon and even don’t try a scaled-down photo to it. It looks cheaper when compared to competitors in the app store

Stealing design elements from iOS. Don’t copy default icons in iOS and design elements from iOS. Instead follow their design guidelines and craft your own.

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