E-Commerce Companies should focus more on app platforms than desktop why?

Now a days, e-commerce industry is becoming more popular. Now every business’s prime interest is developing mobile app development for customer engagement and revenue growth. There are thousands of businesses developing mobile apps throughout the world, but the question is, why especially e-commerce companies are focusing on mobile apps than desktop platforms.

E-Commerce Companies should focus more on app platforms than desktop whyAn app user means an important customer to the company

Today most of the people are connected to the businesses through the apps. Square app icon that is on your phone menu creates impression on them about your business. On the web, there is no comparison to this feature.

An app creates a platform for getting in touch with the customers:

Through this app, the company can always send push notification or alerts about new products. But on the website, it is not feasible.

Mobile is everywhere wherever customers are

Today around 4.8 billion people are using mobile phones throughout the world in 2016. There are 85% of people are using mobile phones and 75% of people are using internet throughout India.    

Apps offer better chances of conversions and sales

Google and other ad networks are promoting apps deep-links that is redirected to specific product pages or offer pages within Apps. In Flipkart you can check out the same page, and the possibilities are to buy it. This is called deep linking. Now a days, search engines are indexing such deep links to increase traffic to the app. Don’t you think it provides more conversion rate?

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Businesses can track user behaviour through app:

You can track your customers’ internet activities, priorities, and know users locations through the app. From this, you can send more personalized offerings to the users. On the other hand, the user data whatever the company can get through website is not more as possible as through app. Think of those desktop users who use their office laptops for 12 hours. Providing office laptop for personal use can send wrong messages to the management.

People are always connected to mobile

According to a study released by Google in September 2015, there is only 1 minute 10 seconds, or 177 minutes gap between each mobile session of the user. Travelling, watching movies at home or working in the office, people regularly check their mobile.

No need of often login

Registration is the only comparatively more time taking process in mobile app. Once you have signed up, you no need to login every time. Isn’t the advantage an app can provide?

This article shows only one side of the app advantages, there are many ways from that businesses can benefit from mobile app.

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