5 App Quality Analysis Tips to Ensure an Error-free Launch

Now a day’s mobile apps are becoming more and more popular since the percentage of users having Smartphone’s has increased drastically. Many companies are planning to enter into mobile app development so as to increase the number of existing customers into the business and increase their revenue. If you are planning to develop mobile apps for your business then first you need to have a plan on  what are the features and the functions that you want in your app. You should keep your first preference on deciding upon the platform in which your app ought to be developed, whether it should be iOS, Android, Blackberry or Windows.  Then the next step is to contact the mobile app developers for fulfilling your app idea. After completion of the app also you should not directly upload it.

A developer should aim at launching an app that is error-free and there should be quality assurance without which releasing a bug-free app is impossible.  There are many developers who often overlook the quality aspect of a mobile app development process. Here are some tips to develop error-free apps:

5 App Quality Analysis Tips to Ensure an Error-free Launch

Involve QA before development:

The earlier the Quality Assurance specialist starts working on your app with other team, the better it is. This would help the testing team to make a test plan which could automate the process.

Make sure QA cover all aspects of your mobile app:

Quality assurance not only means that your code should be ok, but it has other aspects to it as well.  It involves testing every aspect of the app including access, performance, security, etc.

Allow Proper Time and Budget:

One of the common mistakes that app publishers make is that they don’t allocate budget for quality assurance and don’t give more time for the QA team to test the app properly.  This increases the chances of having bugs in your app. Thus, always try to give enough time for the QA process of building an app.

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Do Actual Testing:

Make sure that QA should be done by using proper device. For Example: If you are an iPhone app developer then you need to make sure that the QA team tests the app in all Iphone supported models and the screen sizes.  This would help in detecting lot of nasties that are not obvious until the app is tested on a physical device.

Don’t give QA up:

QA should not happen before launch. It is a part of the full of development and maintenance process. The QA process reduces the overall app maintenance because it makes it possible to fix bugs early and keeps your users happy without errors – free app.

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