Ways to Make Your App Blogger- friendly

Now a days mobile app development companies are becoming more and more popular. There are thousands of mobile app development companies developing mobile apps throughout the world. Our apps are featured on popular blogs means better exposure, more downloads and more revenue. There are thousands of apps in the app store, but how the app bloggers will choose your app? Here some tips that will help you make your app blogger – friendly.


Get on Twitter

Twitter is one of the best social media, it is the best way to connect with the bloggers. First you need to create a dedicated account for your app, modify the profile page with attractive graphic designs and start tweeting engaging tweets. And you follow app bloggers and retweets some of their tweets.

Create an App video

Many people like videos. Making an attractive demo video for your app will be more effective than a usual description with screenshots. Make your app fun and attractive on your website, YouTube and your app’s landing page. Should not forget to insert a code to make it easier for bloggers to embed your app video in their post.

Create a landing page

Most of your end users will find your app through the app store, but bloggers want to get more about your app. So tell the story of your application in landing page of your application. The landing page should have a clean design, a clear demonstration your app’s features and call to action.

Now you have got an idea to make your app blogger–friendly. Just remember that bloggers are also users, so the best selling point of your app is its overall performance and quality. So make it a qualified product to attract both actual users and bloggers.

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