Which mobile app can help you save money?

Managing money can be worry some time. However money management is very important. Financial decision now you take can affect your financial health in future. Earlier it was difficult to keep track of your expenditure but now with smartphone it is very easy.


Here are some few mobile app which will help you save money:


Mint is one the most popular and award winning personal finance apps. This app allows you to track your spending, savings, budgets and many other things. The charts and graphs are easy for user to understand and it includes many other attractive features. You can also add bank account details and it will categorize your spending. It can also create a smarter budget based on your previous history, which you can customize as well.

Level Money:

This app act as a mobile money meter. Once you have entered the bank account details, it will collect your income details, bills and loans. And based on your income, it will show the daily, weekly and monthly spending. It also suggests the monthly saving amount by subtracting your expenditure. It also has an option to track your spending in real time.


This app categorizes your spending, and based on your budget, it will show the daily, weekly and monthly expenses. The real unique feature of this app is you scan your bill and it will auto fill all the data. The user interface of this app is very simple for usage.

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Pocket Expense:

This app lets you manage multiple accounts, you can also view the balance of multiple accounts simultaneously. This app also helps you in setting remainder for your bills, so you can decide well to pay bills. You can also set your budget and see the balance anytime.


This is another very unique app. It will help you save money. This app scans your previous transactions and understands your expense habits. Then this app will transfer small amount of money from your saving to separate account. This you can withdraw any time. It actually saves money that you would have spent somewhere else.

So, Do you want to built financial service mobile app?

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