Best Ways to Solve User Experience Issues in App

Many people are using mobile apps to search, navigate, buy and make their life easier, as a result the mobile application usage has grown at an unprecedented rate. If you’re developing a mobile app, you should remember that mobile app should be intuitive and easy to use, so it can engage and retain existing users and also attract new users into your app. For your reference, mobile app development companies in New York and Los Angeles are internationally recognized for creating user engaging app designs.

Implementing the changes according to user experience research will help you better engage targeted customers. Users can be happy using your app.


Mobile application allows you to better showcase your products, services and offer it to the world. If the app is not created with a user-centric design, users may uninstall your app and prefer to go with similar applications of competitors. To improve your app performance, you have to offer a better user experience.

Which is the best way to convince new users to stay on your application?

Around 70% of users delete the app if they get bad impression in first use. The basic reason for bad impression is bad UI design and complexity in using the app.

If your app is well designed and having all the right features, a poor performance can kill it. Let’s have some of the tips to improve your app’s performance to offer better UX.

Conduct both in-house and real-world tests

You release your app after the dynamic development and QA work and feel satisfied with the result. But sometime the app may perform differently in in-house test than the real world. After releasing your app, you need to analyse the performance of your app with real users. When releasing the new version of the app, make sure the app performance is consistent and it is easy to use.

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Monitor app performance

Regularly monitoring your app’s performance is key to finding out the performance issues at starting stage, so you can solve the problem as soon as possible. Though your app is performing well, there may many errors occur within seconds that defect your app.

Analyse network performance

Slow app is hated by everyone. Nobody prefers using an app if that keep showing “please wait”. So invest into network performance and choose best cloud provider to avoid it. It helps you to avoid network performance issue.

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