Build Top-notch E-commerce App with These 8 New Features

Now a days e-commerce mobile app is becoming increasingly a requisite and popular. Now many businesses are powering up their customer service approach with mobile technology, which is helping them enrich customer experience. In the competitive world, to attract new and existing customers requires a continuous enhancement in the technology implementation. At every level, your business application should engage and retain buyers with the updated technology-centric approach. Today all sorts of small and large scale companies are selling products through m-Commerce app. Here are some of the latest ecommerce app features that you can leverage to empower your business:

build-top-notch-e-commerce-app-with-these-8-new-featuresEasy Registration Process:

Many customers don’t like to fill up lengthy form that demands more information. Make registration process easy and make them get filled up quickly. Many people avoid the app which demands more information to be filled while registration.

Top e-commerce company like Amazon keep things simple. It doesn’t put forward lengthy form to sign-in. When the application takes users to home page, user must be able navigate without any difficulty. Unnecessary promotions and ads make negative impact on the app.

Easy & Uncluttered navigation:

E-commerce stores have many products in different categories to sale. Mobile app developers need to code the app in such a way that it should be easy to use and easy to navigate. Buyers are required to reach their required products and services easily. While creating an e-commerce application, keep in mind the devices with different screen sizes.

Keep the design ultimately uncluttered, which is a fundamental characteristic that every app needs in this era. The effect of the product should be displayed clearly.

Impressive on-boarding  

Invite users into your app offering a seamless experience. The first impression is the best impression. While user starts with your app, minimalistic design leaves a good impact. No doubt, the line-up features should be attractive and effective. However, if the content boarding is not powerful, then the application may lose traffic and user engagement. Easy transaction is the most powerful feature of any e-commerce application.

Support all payment options:

Sometimes the buyer shows a strong wish to purchase product from the specific app & if he doesn’t find his preferred payment option, it may result into the decreased sales ratio. Integrate all possible payment options which is preferred by maximum shoppers. The app must support demanding currencies, dynamic payment gateway, push notification system, google maps, RTL and Google Analytics.

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Attractive themes and unlimited products space:

Attractive app design with graphics is very important to attract people. Many people stay long time on good & interactive design. So, app designers should have skills to choose attractive colour & themes for better user experience. The screen size of the devices should not change with the aligned features.

The capability of uploading products should be unlimited. Even small business are also required to sell more number of products. So when mobile app developers developing the app, they needs to create a rigorous code that can endure the load of uploading unlimited products.

Push notification is utmost:

Push notifications facilitate reaching to the end users with an immediate effect. By pushing user-oriented content, specific offers & promotions, push notifications give good results. Users can get to know about the new products and offers or seasonal sales. Push notifications is helpful to know more information for users.

E-commerce mobile app design & development can’t be complete without push notifications. This is the best feature to increase sales quickly.

Integrate Analytics:

eCommerce businesses always think to monitor user behaviour. So the authorities must integrate analytics and check their app performance and user behaviour regularly. This can be further helpful app owners. So the seller can know the buying pattern of the shoppers. Google Analytics show user behaviour of the product purchasing. You can understand user interest upon click-through rate, session time, and cost of conversation.

Achieve customer loyalty:

Load of information is not useful all the time. When your app is providing a bundle of information, customers cannot find actual information he is looking, then the bounce rate can increase. Achieve customers trust by offering a genuine info in a timely manner. Security & confidence is also one of the ways to achieve customer loyalty. Positive customer reviews help to increase downloads. This is the best way to increase the value of your specific products and brand.

Want to Develop a trending E-commerce App with Latest Features?

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