Best Tools to Remove Ransomware from Your Computer

If your computer has been attacked by ransomware, you can use these tools remove ransomware. Many mobile app development companies in North Carolina have developed anti-vires apps to protect mobile apps from malware attack.


Below are some top tools that you can use to avoid ransomware.

AVG ransomware decryption tools:

If your system has been hit by ransomware, don’t pay any ransom. AVG offers some sorts of decryption tools. It offers decryption tools for different varieties of ransomware.

Trend Micro Lock Screen Ransomware Tool:

Trend Micro’s tool is designed to detect and get rid from lock screen ransomware. Obviously ransomware doesn’t allow users to access PC or systems.

Trend Micro has features for two different situations that are well effective. When PC’s normal mode is blocked, it can be accessed through “safe mode”, but ransomware blocks both ‘normal mode’ and ‘safe mode’.

In the first step, user needs to install the software by using keyboard sequences after boosting the PC into safe mode. The PC screen should appear for scan and clean followed by the reboot.

In the second step, the system is accessible through safe mode. Trend Micro allows its removal tool to drive your data to USB drive using an uninfected computer and it is executed from there during a boot.

Avast anti-ransomware tools:

All ransomware are not same and they even don’t work in the same way. You must find decryptors that are made especially for certain types of ransomware.

All Avast’s decryptors are available for free.

Additionally, Avast provides a free installation facility. It will ask you to provide two copies of your files and finally it will ask password. This will be faster if you have got backups. If not Avast will recommend locations on your PC which is uninfected.

BitDefender Anti-ransomware:

BitDefender’s tool is intended to act as protection for infected system by CTB-Locker, Locky, Petya and TeslaCrypt ransomware.

The company doesn’t explain how it will work but once it has been loaded it will detect any viruses.

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Kaspersky anti-ransomware tool:

It is designed for small and medium sized businesses and like Bitdefender, it comes with the tools to prevent system from virus attacks before they delete the files.

Kaspersky’s anti-ransomware works in the background and monitors network activity for any known ransomware. This tool is for businesses, and it is free and simple to navigate.

Malwarebytes anti-ransomware:

Malwarebytes is the best tool for protection from ransomware. It offers 2 ways protection: ‘entrapment’ and ‘count protection’. This tool protects your system from ransomware from encrypting files.

Like other products listed above, Malwarebytes runs in the background and monitor activity on your network to determine suspicious patterns.

Kaspersky Lab decryptors:

Kaspersky Lab hosts a wide range of decryptors, claiming to decrypt lots of nasty types of ransomware.

Shade Decryptor

Rakhni Decryptor

Rannoh Decryptor

Wildfire Decryptor

CoinVault decryptor

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How to protect your mobile apps or computers from ransomware attack?

Ransomware shook up the internet world, by hijacking millions of computers worldwide. Ransomware is a malware that hackers use to take the control of computers. Till now they have hijacked more than 200000 computers in 150 countries, including of hospitals, tech companies and universities. So, including mobile app development companies in Charlotte and California, all tech companies as well as healthcare companies are taking special care to fight ransomware.

If you want to protect your system, websites or mobile apps, below I have provided some important tips that helps you protect your computers from ransomware attack.

How to protect your mobile apps or computers from ransomware attack

Backup Your Files

The best way to be safe from ransomware is back up all the files, information and images from your system to another system completely. External hard disk is the best place to move your information. That means if you have been attacked, the hacker cannot see any information on your system.

Avoid clicking on suspicious links and doing unnecessary downloads

Ransomware can spread through several ways, i.e. while you opened suspicious e-mails or clicked on suspicious files. When it comes to app, you should not download any app that is not verified by the official store, and also you should read the reviews before installing any programs or apps.

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Install antivirus program

Antivirus programs well scan the files to see if the file or application that you are going to download contain ransomware or not. The antivirus can block secret installations from malicious adverts when browsing on the web. And also it look for malware that is already in your computer or device.

Always install updates

You should install updates to your software regularly when it is available. Doing so will help you avoid latest viruses.

Don’t use unknown Wi-Fi

Don’t use any unknown Wi-Fi on your smartphone, instead it is better to invest on good data pack. The cost of data pack can be higher, but by using your own mobile network, you can safeguard your bank account details too.

Keep Password Always Private

You should change your net banking password or any other transaction-oriented password for every 72 days. You should not have the predictable passwords like (123456), instead you should use symbols, alphabets and numbers to have a strong password.

Never pay ransom

If ransomware attacks, don’t pay any ransom (money). Paying may encourage attackers to do more attacks. And also there is no guarantee that they decrypt your files.

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Best App Development Companies in Florida

Mobile app development is becoming increasingly popular, and all sorts and size businesses are using mobile apps to grow their business. If you are looking top mobile app development companies in Florida to develop mobile apps to attract new and existing customers, I have the best list which includes best application development companies in Florida. When choosing between top developers or top mobile app designers in Florida, you should to check their services, portfolio and client reviews. Here is the list.

Best App Development Companies in Florida

Best Application Development Companies in Florida   

FuGenX Technologies LLC is a Deloitte award-winning mobile app development company in New Jersey, Los Angeles and North Carolina. FuGenX was founded in 2008. FuGenX developed and delivered 750+ mobile apps and games on Android, iOS (iPhone & iPad) Windows and Blackberry and 400+ web apps for different industries like Healthcare, Travel and Transport, Education and Manufacturing. Led by Bhabani Sankar Jena, the CEO of FuGenX Technologies, the company has won prestigious Deloitte awards 3 times in last 5 years.

Kogi Mobile is a mobile app development company in Miami, Florida. Kogi is in business since 2013. Kogi has developed and delivered nearly 200 mobile apps and 100 responsive websites for different industries and developed mobile apps on various platforms like iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and apple watch), Android and web apps.

C7 Creative is an emerging mobile app development company in Florida. C7 Creative builds native & hybrid apps. It develops apps for Android, iPhone and iPad. It developed mobile apps like Know It All, Raindrop and Jacksonville Sharks and many other apps developed and delivered successfully.

Teeps is one of the fastest growing mobile app development companies in Florida. Teeps has developed and delivered mobile apps like Code School, Crosswerd and Haulzi apps on various platforms.

Simpalm is one of the leading mobile app development companies in Florida. It was founded in 2009. Simpalm develops mobile apps on different platforms like iOS (iPhone & iPad), Android, Windows and web apps for various industries. Simpalm developed and delivered apps like Taptin, Wellmom app, Forte mobile payment app, and Quaze app.

Integrated Webworks is a mobile app development company in Florida. Integrated Webworks developed and delivered mobile apps like Food truck Finder, Earn Up, Jokieoke and many other apps. It developed mobile apps on various platforms like Android, iOS (iPhone & iPad), Blackberry and Windows.

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HarborDev is a Florida based mobile app development company. HarborDev has developed and delivered mobile apps like Gear Patrol, Syncplicity, Medline and many other apps on various platforms like iOS (iPhone & iPad) and Android platforms.

Polanco Media is a mobile app development company in Florida. Polanco Media develops mobile apps on various platforms like iOS and Android for various industries.

Sourcetoad is one of major mobile app development companies in Florida. Sourcetoad develops mobile apps on native platforms, and also provide hybrid app development and cross-platform app development services. Sourcetoad has provided mobile app development services for different companies like Baxter, Red cell, Moffitt and Jackson Hewitt.

Horton is one of the fastest growing mobile app developers in Florida. Horton provides services like Web design, Web development and Mobile app development. Horton has provided mobile app development services for Manhattan, Subaru, Merck and Cemex.

Best Mobile App Development Companies in North Carolina

Are you looking to develop mobile apps for your business to increase revenue and to attract more customers? If yes, you’re in the right place. But, if you are looking for best app development companies in North Carolina, here are listed only top mobile app development companies in North Carolina.

Best Mobile App Development Company in North Carolina

Best Mobile Application Development Companies North Carolina

Generate Design helps businesses develop a business with iPhone, iPad and Android App development. They have developed many apps, including Frigi-Temp app, Opinionated app, Funeral app and Votetracker app.

FuGenX Technologies LLC is a Deloitte award winning mobile app development company in Miami, Charlotte and North Carolina. It was established in 2008. FuGenX provides services like mobile apps and games development, web app development for various industries like education, healthcare, travel and e-commerce industry. FuGenX developed and delivered more than 750 mobile apps, games and web apps successfully. It worked with Praxair, Williams Lee, Future Group and Qinvest.

G&G Technologies is a software development company providing services like mobile app development, E-commerce solutions, cloud integration and QA testing and many other services. It develops mobile apps on various platforms like iOS (iPhone & iPad), watchOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows.

Iconic Solutions is a digital product design and development firm that serves global brands and start-ups. They developed and delivered 150+ apps, including Snap, Revian, Growers and Brian Harriis on various platforms.

Confianz is mobile app developers in North Carolina. Confianz provides services like web apps and mobile apps development and it has delivered more than 300 mobile and web apps.

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MobileSmith is a mobile app development company in North Carolina. It was established in 2011. MobileSmith developed and delivered many mobile apps, like GeoEx app and Inspira on iOS and Android.

Lithios develops functionally beautiful mobile first solutions for many industries. It is located in North Carolina. Lithios developed and delivered mobile apps like Nicotrax Healthcare Analytics app, Collage Ride Share app and Envested Financial donation apps on various platforms.

Little Green Software is a mobile app development firm for iOS, Android and web. It was established in 2008. Little Green Software designs and develops award winning custom apps for mobile and web. It developed many mobile apps like PPD Act, Surrosense RX and Heartstar Apps for various industries.

In Site Mobile is a leader in web design and mobile app development. In Site Mobile developed and delivered many mobile apps, like American Dollars, Allure App, U-Aide GPS app and Caribbean app for various industries.

Creative studio is mobile app developers in Charlotte and North Carolina. It creates mobile apps by using native and cross-platforms tools. It develops apps for iOS (iPhone & iPad), Android, Blackberry and Windows. Some of the apps developed by Creative Studio are Frozen Frenzy, and Tail Gate Corn Hole.

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10 Latest Facebook Timeline Tips and Tricks You Must Know


As the world know, Facebook is the largest social networking site, which comes with different tips and tricks to post content and get maximum likes and comments. In the updated Facebook timeline, you can showcase your way of your life. Here are some of the important FB timeline tricks that you can try to enrich your presence on Facebook.

Facebook, widely known as FB, now a days all age group people are addicted to Facebook. It has millions of subscribers till the date. Some people really don’t know how to navigate and make use of all the cool features that Facebook offers. If you’re in that list, you no need to worry about that. This post will be helpful to you to get most out of your Facebook profile. This is even helpful for mobile app development companies Atlanta, New York and companies across the world.

Below are very exciting Facebook Tips and Tricks:

Appear online only to selected Friends:

Facebook chat is one of the most useful and coolest features in FB. You may need a solution to limit the number of people you chat with every time. You definitely cannot reply all people at a time, but you can’t make them think you are avoiding them. Before knowing the trick, even I also didn’t know that it is possible to appear for only a few selected friends. One of my friend actually gave me this idea which I feel will surely be helpful to you.

How to do it:

Go to chat section found at lower right side of the page and then, click on gear icon and click advanced settings. A window will pop-up that says “Turn on chat for all friends, except” start adding your friends name, for whom you don’t want to appear online. With this, you will be appear completely invisible to them. Try it now.

Switch-off Auto-play of Facebook Videos:

Facebook videos play automatically when you click on your timeline. If you want to disable auto-play of videos, you can do it by following these steps.

Go to Facebook settings > Videos.

Switch Off auto play Facebook videos.

And if you have slow internet speed, you can change the quality of videos from HD to SD.

Cool Magic Circles on Facebook:

It is simple thing, but I admit that even I also didn’t know about cool magic circles appear on your profile. It is one of the interesting secret tricks you can find in the Facebook. You need to try once, in cast it doesn’t work on first try, reload your page by pressing F5.

 Create Fake Facebook wall updates:

Have you ever found those funny updates where you can see public figures talking on various buzzing news. Want to do the same? Well, you can do it with the free tool called wall machine. Funny Facebook walls you can access here and even you can watch the video to understand how to use the tool.

Facebook flip status updates:

Do you look for more fun on Facebook? If yes, try flipping your FB status upside down. Your friends will definitely tilt their head to read your status. You will definitely enjoy the fun, go ahead and flip your Facebook status now.

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Upload Photos from Picasa App to Facebook:

It is very difficult to find alternative photo hosting application, but Picasa will help you here. Picasa is one of the best applications for sharing and organizing photos of various events like reunions and parties. It offers plenty of exciting features, such as the ability to upload photos directly to FB account. Here you need to download and install the latest version of Picasa.

Use Facebook search like a pro:

Do you search for someone in Facebook? If yes, then perhaps you need to try using Search Box. It is the best tool it will help you find your old friends, organizations, celebrities or easy to find favourite groups without any difficulty.

Changing fonts on Facebook status:

By default, your Facebook status is in one font size, but you can choose third party services to change the fount of your status. Here are some cool websites that you can use to change the font of your Facebook status updates.

How to Hide Posts from Timeline:

If you want to hide your posts from Timeline, click on “manage” button in the top right corner of the Timeline and select “Activity Log”. There you can see your every activity on the Facebook and choose ‘Hide from Timeline’.

How to Edit Privacy Settings on New Posts:

When you add new posts, videos and events on your timeline, you can go to Edit Privacy Settings to make changes in who can see your post.

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How To Reduce Your Mobile app development Cost?

Today everyone knows that mobile app development is the best way to making money, in fact there are many situations when the development of mobile apps can actually be an expensive matter. This often happens because people haven’t planned before, or they don’t know the right steps to follow. Important consideration is that they should create the blueprint of the mobile app development project well before. It will help to control the cost.


The mobile app development cost depends on various factors, including features and functionalities, and platforms like iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows. The important thing is that any app aspirant should not compromise with the quality. Here are some of the important tips to consider to reduce app development cost.

Share the Costs:

It is a good idea to share the costs between developers and business. The app owner can ask developers develop app at free cost or lower cost, in return of sharing possible profit. So developers can also get rights on the app, and you can make sure that the development project is complete. There are many mobile app development companies in New York that enter into this type of agreement.

Focus on important parts:

In fact, in the first version of the app, you no need to put all in one basket. Important thing is that focusing on only key features and functionalities. If you insert a bundle of features, it will cost you more time and money.

Make some research:

You need to do proper research about similar app in the market, and you need to be set with all the requirement you need for your app to avoid possible mistakes. If mobile app development is planned with a detailed workflow, requirements and the goals, it is possible to complete the project at less cost.

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Take advantage of the open source app development frameworks:

To reduce the app development cost, you can use cross platform app development frameworks. You can find these online and decide which one will fit to your project.

Should not use many custom graphics:

Mobile apps are miscellaneous, there are many common elements such as buttons, navigation styles and many other details to be included into it. So keep the app simple and avoid irrelevant graphics.

Optimize your team:

Divide tasks clearly and wisely among the people who are working on this project, by considering each person’s skills. Smaller tasks can be given to junior developers.

Offer Feedback:

If you’re outsourcing the project, the important is to review your work regularly. You need to pay more attention on how they are working, and give feedback on the received works, so that the app developer can make corrections quickly.

It is not a rocket-science to reduce mobile app development costs. By dividing the tasks, removing non-essential features and design elements, you can save money and time.

Why FuGenX?

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How to Effectively Market Your App?

Even though you developed the world’s greatest mobile app, until you effectively introduce it to users, it will never succeed. Obviously, mobile app requires marketing and advertising, it can be burden in terms of cost, especially if your mobile app is targeting new market. So how you can have marketing and promotional support your mobile app needs. We have developed many successful mobile apps, we have good experience in helping our clients by promoting their mobile apps, which has made us an emerging mobile app development company in Atlanta. Here are some of the important tips we are sharing with you to help you promote your app:


Know targeted audience for your app:

You need to find whether your application is attractive for teenagers or adults? Or it is for wine drinkers or farmers or travellers? You need to identify the audience, sharpen your marketing message accordingly, and analyse their ever changing ever.

Build a SEO-Optimized Website:

Before you launch your mobile app, you should build a website for marketing and promotion of the app. This you can get from the WordPress website builder platform. Your content should include photos and a description of your mobile app, latest updates and other information about the app. Basically WordPress is a blogging platform. You can use your blog to post latest news, images and information about your products or services and also you can link it your other related blogs where your targeted users frequently visit. And also you can create the search engine value for your website.

Facebook Promotion:


Facebook business page is free to create, which you can be linked to your website. You can share latest updates, announcements and events you can publish on your website. People can find your Facebook page on your website and like and share your posts. Your Facebook page design should be attractive then only you can get followers and achieve more likes on Facebook. When your audience’s number is increasing, you can promote aggressively.

Twitter Marketing:


Twitter is also one of the best ways to promote your app. You can also create pages for your product or service here. You can use Twitter to find and connect with a particular audience by using hashtags, which are words or phrases presented with hash or pound sign (#). The hash tag can be used to help users to find the message or particular information and you can also use it to identify the users who are more important to your app or business.



LinkedIn is an extremely better way to connect with professionals, enterprises and companies. You can have the attention of targeted professionals, companies or organization using LinkedIn. In LinkedIn, there are several groups and forums that you can join to promote your app among targeted professionals of several industries.

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Press Release:

You can write a press release for your app and send it to the press release websites or targeted news media sites. Some of the websites are available for free and some sites cost. You should use both to get top benefits. You can send your press releases to targeted newspapers, websites and trade magazines, they are always looking for relevant content for the readers. It is important to make sure that the content is well written and contains real- news, not just hype about your app or company. This will help your website get better position in Google Search Engine.

YouTube and Video Marketing:

youtubeYouTube videos are one of the best ways to promote your product on search engine, but you should create interesting and exciting videos related to your product. Your app’s video and description should be catchy and attention-grabbing. Many people prefer to see videos more than reading the blogs/articles to get information they required. Create YouTube videos for your app, it is easy to understand about your app for users.

Effective Communication using Solid Content Materials:

You should focus to make sure your mobile application is attractive in design, images and content through which you can attract more people to your app. When you create an app video, you need to regularly post it on the website and also on social media sites like Pinterest or Instagram. If yours creative effort is effective, you can increase users to your app.

Submit your app to App listing Directory:

You can submit your app details to many app directories. Based on the category, platform support, services and reviews, you can list your app on the directory. Every directory has its own entity to show your app on the app store. You should have a look on the terms and conditions and based on that you can choose which is better for your app.

Ask your users to submit reviews:

App with quality products (or services) helps to get better app reviews, which you can use to increase users to download your app from the app store. Most of the people see app reviews before downloading any app from the app store. Ask your users to provide reviews about your mobile application.

Want to develop a Mobile Application with marketing Support?

We at FuGenX technologies LLC are a Deloitte award winning mobile app development company in North Carolina. We developed and delivered mobile apps like Xentelife, Praxair, Big Basket, Zombfense and Circle Chat on various platforms like iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows.

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