How to choose best mobile app developers?

Mobile app development is becoming more and more popular. Now a days many individuals and businesses have decided to develop mobile apps for to attract new and existing customers. When you are planning to develop mobile apps for your business, first you need to know on which platforms the app should be developed like Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows. After making all the plan, you need to go for mobile app developers. Here are some tips to choose best app developers.


Check the developer’s portfolio:

First you need to go through mobile app developers’ portfolio. And also you should know their clients to whom they developed mobile apps before. You should consider their works and decide are they specialised in developing mobile apps.

Find their apps on app stores:

You should go to the app store where you can find apps developed by mobile app developers. You can get user reviews and rating of the app.  Download some apps from the app store on different platforms, then check how it works. By using those apps, you can come to know how the app works.

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Ask for reference:

When you are planning to develop mobile apps with particular app developers, you need the take reference of clients they worked with before. This will help you check developers’ professional ability and other qualities like trustworthiness and reliability.

Ask questions:

You can ask the questions to the developers which comes to your mind. You should not forget to ask the developers that how many successful mobile app developments they did. Check is app maintenance and uploading apps to the store included in their service.

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Build Top-notch E-commerce App with These 8 New Features

Now a days e-commerce mobile app is becoming increasingly a requisite and popular. Now many businesses are powering up their customer service approach with mobile technology, which is helping them enrich customer experience. In the competitive world, to attract new and existing customers requires a continuous enhancement in the technology implementation. At every level, your business application should engage and retain buyers with the updated technology-centric approach. Today all sorts of small and large scale companies are selling products through m-Commerce app. Here are some of the latest ecommerce app features that you can leverage to empower your business:

build-top-notch-e-commerce-app-with-these-8-new-featuresEasy Registration Process:

Many customers don’t like to fill up lengthy form that demands more information. Make registration process easy and make them get filled up quickly. Many people avoid the app which demands more information to be filled while registration.

Top e-commerce company like Amazon keep things simple. It doesn’t put forward lengthy form to sign-in. When the application takes users to home page, user must be able navigate without any difficulty. Unnecessary promotions and ads make negative impact on the app.

Easy & Uncluttered navigation:

E-commerce stores have many products in different categories to sale. Mobile app developers need to code the app in such a way that it should be easy to use and easy to navigate. Buyers are required to reach their required products and services easily. While creating an e-commerce application, keep in mind the devices with different screen sizes.

Keep the design ultimately uncluttered, which is a fundamental characteristic that every app needs in this era. The effect of the product should be displayed clearly.

Impressive on-boarding  

Invite users into your app offering a seamless experience. The first impression is the best impression. While user starts with your app, minimalistic design leaves a good impact. No doubt, the line-up features should be attractive and effective. However, if the content boarding is not powerful, then the application may lose traffic and user engagement. Easy transaction is the most powerful feature of any e-commerce application.

Support all payment options:

Sometimes the buyer shows a strong wish to purchase product from the specific app & if he doesn’t find his preferred payment option, it may result into the decreased sales ratio. Integrate all possible payment options which is preferred by maximum shoppers. The app must support demanding currencies, dynamic payment gateway, push notification system, google maps, RTL and Google Analytics.

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Attractive themes and unlimited products space:

Attractive app design with graphics is very important to attract people. Many people stay long time on good & interactive design. So, app designers should have skills to choose attractive colour & themes for better user experience. The screen size of the devices should not change with the aligned features.

The capability of uploading products should be unlimited. Even small business are also required to sell more number of products. So when mobile app developers developing the app, they needs to create a rigorous code that can endure the load of uploading unlimited products.

Push notification is utmost:

Push notifications facilitate reaching to the end users with an immediate effect. By pushing user-oriented content, specific offers & promotions, push notifications give good results. Users can get to know about the new products and offers or seasonal sales. Push notifications is helpful to know more information for users.

E-commerce mobile app design & development can’t be complete without push notifications. This is the best feature to increase sales quickly.

Integrate Analytics:

eCommerce businesses always think to monitor user behaviour. So the authorities must integrate analytics and check their app performance and user behaviour regularly. This can be further helpful app owners. So the seller can know the buying pattern of the shoppers. Google Analytics show user behaviour of the product purchasing. You can understand user interest upon click-through rate, session time, and cost of conversation.

Achieve customer loyalty:

Load of information is not useful all the time. When your app is providing a bundle of information, customers cannot find actual information he is looking, then the bounce rate can increase. Achieve customers trust by offering a genuine info in a timely manner. Security & confidence is also one of the ways to achieve customer loyalty. Positive customer reviews help to increase downloads. This is the best way to increase the value of your specific products and brand.

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Best Ways to Solve User Experience Issues in App

Many people are using mobile apps to search, navigate, buy and make their life easier, as a result the mobile application usage has grown at an unprecedented rate. If you’re developing a mobile app, you should remember that mobile app should be intuitive and easy to use, so it can engage and retain existing users and also attract new users into your app. For your reference, mobile app development companies in New York and Los Angeles are internationally recognized for creating user engaging app designs.

Implementing the changes according to user experience research will help you better engage targeted customers. Users can be happy using your app.


Mobile application allows you to better showcase your products, services and offer it to the world. If the app is not created with a user-centric design, users may uninstall your app and prefer to go with similar applications of competitors. To improve your app performance, you have to offer a better user experience.

Which is the best way to convince new users to stay on your application?

Around 70% of users delete the app if they get bad impression in first use. The basic reason for bad impression is bad UI design and complexity in using the app.

If your app is well designed and having all the right features, a poor performance can kill it. Let’s have some of the tips to improve your app’s performance to offer better UX.

Conduct both in-house and real-world tests

You release your app after the dynamic development and QA work and feel satisfied with the result. But sometime the app may perform differently in in-house test than the real world. After releasing your app, you need to analyse the performance of your app with real users. When releasing the new version of the app, make sure the app performance is consistent and it is easy to use.

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Monitor app performance

Regularly monitoring your app’s performance is key to finding out the performance issues at starting stage, so you can solve the problem as soon as possible. Though your app is performing well, there may many errors occur within seconds that defect your app.

Analyse network performance

Slow app is hated by everyone. Nobody prefers using an app if that keep showing “please wait”. So invest into network performance and choose best cloud provider to avoid it. It helps you to avoid network performance issue.

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Best Ways to Acquire App Users

Mobile app development is becoming more popular throughout the world. Now a days all sorts of businesses are developing mobile apps to acquire new customers into their business to increase revenue. Here some tips that help you build a successful user acquisition strategy.


Create an app that helps users solve a problem

If you are planning mobile app development, you should concentrate more on building a product that solves customer problem. If your app solves user problem, users are more likely to like the app. If your app doesn’t solve problem of people and doesn’t make their lives easy, it is very difficult to convince user to download the app.

See some of the apps like Duolingo and Uber. Duolingo helps people to learn a foreign language without going institutions or coaching centres. On the other hand, Uber helps people cab from anywhere of the city. Both these apps solve real problems of the people, so they became popular virally.

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Make the most of the Freemium modal   

If the application sounds good in its price, people intentionally download it from the app store. So you can go with Freemium model. Make the core features of your app free in order to adopt this model. You can make money from in-app purchases or ads.

Create a referral program

Referral program is one of the best ways to attract new users. You can ask users to refer your app to their friends, for which you should reward them with real money, offer them credits, free premium features, and access to exclusive content, etc.

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How to promote your iOS App on Pinterest?

Social media is a crowded world, which has billions of users and every one of them is following hundred to thousands of users. There are dozens of top social media apps developed by top mobile app development companies that allows you to easily connect with your loved ones. If you have an iOS app and looking for better channels to promote it, undoubtedly social media is one of the best ways to do it, particularly on Facebook and Twitter. Being on Facebook and Twitter is important, it is also useful to remember that there are many other social networks around. Pinterest is one among them, which allows you to promote your app well.


Create App Pins

In order to promote your app on Pinterest, first you need to create attractive App Pins. To do that, you need to use attractive images, i.e. app screenshots, and point the pin to your apps listing on the App Store. The pin has “install” option so that the user can install the app directly. Keep updating interesting & attractive App pins, why because they are more likely to get good repins.

Enable pinning from your app

Another best way to promote your iPhone app on Pinterest is to enable pinning from the app. You should thank to Pinterest mobile SDK for this. Integrate Pinterest with your app if you have content that users can pin.

Create a board for your app

Pinterest boards are a collection of images of the same subject. Creating a board for your app is very helpful to keep all related pins at one place and it can also attract more followers. When you create a board for your application, you should not stick to posting screenshots, rather post everything that you think it is relevant and interesting.

Create a lifestyle around it

If you’re happy for your app is going to get increased prominence just because you pinned it, guess again. Creating a Pinterest account means being a useful resource to your followers and pinning what’s new, educative and entertaining for them. It’s not all about your app.

If your followers feel that your app is helping them, then they will be more interested to download your app.

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Link Your App Pin Back to App store

When you’re creating your app pin, make sure you will link it back to your app download page.

Create a different images for your app

Most beautiful aspects about Pinterest is you can create different attractive images for your app. Images should be related to your app and some of them should be linked back to your download page.

Use Reviews and Testimonial   

Some great reviews or testimonials for your app which you’ll have can be linked back to the download page.

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Which mobile app can help you save money?

Managing money can be worry some time. However money management is very important. Financial decision now you take can affect your financial health in future. Earlier it was difficult to keep track of your expenditure but now with smartphone it is very easy.


Here are some few mobile app which will help you save money:


Mint is one the most popular and award winning personal finance apps. This app allows you to track your spending, savings, budgets and many other things. The charts and graphs are easy for user to understand and it includes many other attractive features. You can also add bank account details and it will categorize your spending. It can also create a smarter budget based on your previous history, which you can customize as well.

Level Money:

This app act as a mobile money meter. Once you have entered the bank account details, it will collect your income details, bills and loans. And based on your income, it will show the daily, weekly and monthly spending. It also suggests the monthly saving amount by subtracting your expenditure. It also has an option to track your spending in real time.


This app categorizes your spending, and based on your budget, it will show the daily, weekly and monthly expenses. The real unique feature of this app is you scan your bill and it will auto fill all the data. The user interface of this app is very simple for usage.

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Pocket Expense:

This app lets you manage multiple accounts, you can also view the balance of multiple accounts simultaneously. This app also helps you in setting remainder for your bills, so you can decide well to pay bills. You can also set your budget and see the balance anytime.


This is another very unique app. It will help you save money. This app scans your previous transactions and understands your expense habits. Then this app will transfer small amount of money from your saving to separate account. This you can withdraw any time. It actually saves money that you would have spent somewhere else.

So, Do you want to built financial service mobile app?

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Ways to Make Your App Blogger- friendly

Now a days mobile app development companies are becoming more and more popular. There are thousands of mobile app development companies developing mobile apps throughout the world. Our apps are featured on popular blogs means better exposure, more downloads and more revenue. There are thousands of apps in the app store, but how the app bloggers will choose your app? Here some tips that will help you make your app blogger – friendly.


Get on Twitter

Twitter is one of the best social media, it is the best way to connect with the bloggers. First you need to create a dedicated account for your app, modify the profile page with attractive graphic designs and start tweeting engaging tweets. And you follow app bloggers and retweets some of their tweets.

Create an App video

Many people like videos. Making an attractive demo video for your app will be more effective than a usual description with screenshots. Make your app fun and attractive on your website, YouTube and your app’s landing page. Should not forget to insert a code to make it easier for bloggers to embed your app video in their post.

Create a landing page

Most of your end users will find your app through the app store, but bloggers want to get more about your app. So tell the story of your application in landing page of your application. The landing page should have a clean design, a clear demonstration your app’s features and call to action.

Now you have got an idea to make your app blogger–friendly. Just remember that bloggers are also users, so the best selling point of your app is its overall performance and quality. So make it a qualified product to attract both actual users and bloggers.

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