Top Software Development Companies in Dallas, Texas

Software development companies in Texas and Dallas are becoming increasingly popular now a days. They are extending their services to supply chain analytics, data migration, mobile testing, cloud application development and mobile app development, for various industries. If you are looking for top software or mobile app development companies in Texas, Dallas, Florida and North Carolina, here are some best software development companies in Texas and Dallas, which are listed based on their customer reviews.


Best Software Development companies in Texas and Dallas.

FuGenX Technologies LLC is a leading software and mobile application development company in Charlotte NC, Dallas, Texas, and Chantilly. FuGenX offers services like analytics, cloud computing, data warehousing, testing services and mobile app development services. It has a global client base that includes Praxair, Williams Lee, and Vodafone. And they have developed and delivered apps on various platforms like iOS (iPhone & iPad), Android, BlackBerry and Windows.

Ayoka is a custom software development company in Texas and Dallas. Ayoka provides solutions like mobile application development for enterprises, data warehouse reporting, supply chain management solutions and business intelligence solutions.

Unique Software Development is a software development company in Texas and Dallas. Unique provides services like mobile apps development, Big Data, Internet of things, and E-commerce solution for different industries. Unique’s clients include Snaptray, Luminaire, Lithz and Aurelia.

SGS Technologies LLC is a leading web development company in Jacksonville, Florida. Its services are mobile app development, IT consulting, Oracle services, and web designing services. SGS Technologies provided solutions for Haskell, Harris, Jaxport, and for many other companies.

ScienceSoft is a custom software development and IT consulting service providers in Dallas, Texas. Science Soft provides services for various industries like banking and financial services, retail, healthcare, Education and its services include cloud and networking services, business intelligence, web application and mobile application development services.

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Code Authority is a software app development company in Texas. Code Authority provides services like web hosting services, custom software development, web service and mobile application development and its customers include Casi, Broad Jump, Virtuoso, and Mastec.

Headspring is a custom enterprise software development service providers in Texas. Headspring provides software solutions for various industries like education, healthcare, retail, technology and its services include cloud applications, and mobile applications.

Quacito provides technology services and solutions in Texas and Dallas. Its services include customer software development, website development, designing services and mobile apps development for various industries.

Verbat is a Digital Technology services company in Texas and Dallas. Verbat’s services include cloud computing, enterprise mobility solutions, and application management. Verbat offers it for manufacturing, travel and transportation, retail and many other industries.

Keste is an award-winning software development company in Dallas and Texas. Keste provides software solutions like cloud integration, supply chain management, mobility and many other solutions for various industries like industrial manufacturing, communication and many other industries.