10 Latest Facebook Timeline Tips and Tricks You Must Know


As the world know, Facebook is the largest social networking site, which comes with different tips and tricks to post content and get maximum likes and comments. In the updated Facebook timeline, you can showcase your way of your life. Here are some of the important FB timeline tricks that you can try to enrich your presence on Facebook.

Facebook, widely known as FB, now a days all age group people are addicted to Facebook. It has millions of subscribers till the date. Some people really don’t know how to navigate and make use of all the cool features that Facebook offers. If you’re in that list, you no need to worry about that. This post will be helpful to you to get most out of your Facebook profile. This is even helpful for mobile app development companies Atlanta, New York and companies across the world.

Below are very exciting Facebook Tips and Tricks:

Appear online only to selected Friends:

Facebook chat is one of the most useful and coolest features in FB. You may need a solution to limit the number of people you chat with every time. You definitely cannot reply all people at a time, but you can’t make them think you are avoiding them. Before knowing the trick, even I also didn’t know that it is possible to appear for only a few selected friends. One of my friend actually gave me this idea which I feel will surely be helpful to you.

How to do it:

Go to chat section found at lower right side of the page and then, click on gear icon and click advanced settings. A window will pop-up that says “Turn on chat for all friends, except” start adding your friends name, for whom you don’t want to appear online. With this, you will be appear completely invisible to them. Try it now.

Switch-off Auto-play of Facebook Videos:

Facebook videos play automatically when you click on your timeline. If you want to disable auto-play of videos, you can do it by following these steps.

Go to Facebook settings > Videos.

Switch Off auto play Facebook videos.

And if you have slow internet speed, you can change the quality of videos from HD to SD.

Cool Magic Circles on Facebook:

It is simple thing, but I admit that even I also didn’t know about cool magic circles appear on your profile. It is one of the interesting secret tricks you can find in the Facebook. You need to try once, in cast it doesn’t work on first try, reload your page by pressing F5.

 Create Fake Facebook wall updates:

Have you ever found those funny updates where you can see public figures talking on various buzzing news. Want to do the same? Well, you can do it with the free tool called wall machine. Funny Facebook walls you can access here and even you can watch the video to understand how to use the tool.

Facebook flip status updates:

Do you look for more fun on Facebook? If yes, try flipping your FB status upside down. Your friends will definitely tilt their head to read your status. You will definitely enjoy the fun, go ahead and flip your Facebook status now.

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Upload Photos from Picasa App to Facebook:

It is very difficult to find alternative photo hosting application, but Picasa will help you here. Picasa is one of the best applications for sharing and organizing photos of various events like reunions and parties. It offers plenty of exciting features, such as the ability to upload photos directly to FB account. Here you need to download and install the latest version of Picasa.

Use Facebook search like a pro:

Do you search for someone in Facebook? If yes, then perhaps you need to try using Search Box. It is the best tool it will help you find your old friends, organizations, celebrities or easy to find favourite groups without any difficulty.

Changing fonts on Facebook status:

By default, your Facebook status is in one font size, but you can choose third party services to change the fount of your status. Here are some cool websites that you can use to change the font of your Facebook status updates.

How to Hide Posts from Timeline:

If you want to hide your posts from Timeline, click on “manage” button in the top right corner of the Timeline and select “Activity Log”. There you can see your every activity on the Facebook and choose ‘Hide from Timeline’.

How to Edit Privacy Settings on New Posts:

When you add new posts, videos and events on your timeline, you can go to Edit Privacy Settings to make changes in who can see your post.

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Check the developer’s portfolio:

First you need to go through mobile app developers’ portfolio. And also you should know their clients to whom they developed mobile apps before. You should consider their works and decide are they specialised in developing mobile apps.

Find their apps on app stores:

You should go to the app store where you can find apps developed by mobile app developers. You can get user reviews and rating of the app.  Download some apps from the app store on different platforms, then check how it works. By using those apps, you can come to know how the app works.

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When you are planning to develop mobile apps with particular app developers, you need the take reference of clients they worked with before. This will help you check developers’ professional ability and other qualities like trustworthiness and reliability.

Ask questions:

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