How To Reduce Your Mobile app development Cost?

Today everyone knows that mobile app development is the best way to making money, in fact there are many situations when the development of mobile apps can actually be an expensive matter. This often happens because people haven’t planned before, or they don’t know the right steps to follow. Important consideration is that they should create the blueprint of the mobile app development project well before. It will help to control the cost.


The mobile app development cost depends on various factors, including features and functionalities, and platforms like iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows. The important thing is that any app aspirant should not compromise with the quality. Here are some of the important tips to consider to reduce app development cost.

Share the Costs:

It is a good idea to share the costs between developers and business. The app owner can ask developers develop app at free cost or lower cost, in return of sharing possible profit. So developers can also get rights on the app, and you can make sure that the development project is complete. There are many mobile app development companies in New York that enter into this type of agreement.

Focus on important parts:

In fact, in the first version of the app, you no need to put all in one basket. Important thing is that focusing on only key features and functionalities. If you insert a bundle of features, it will cost you more time and money.

Make some research:

You need to do proper research about similar app in the market, and you need to be set with all the requirement you need for your app to avoid possible mistakes. If mobile app development is planned with a detailed workflow, requirements and the goals, it is possible to complete the project at less cost.

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Take advantage of the open source app development frameworks:

To reduce the app development cost, you can use cross platform app development frameworks. You can find these online and decide which one will fit to your project.

Should not use many custom graphics:

Mobile apps are miscellaneous, there are many common elements such as buttons, navigation styles and many other details to be included into it. So keep the app simple and avoid irrelevant graphics.

Optimize your team:

Divide tasks clearly and wisely among the people who are working on this project, by considering each person’s skills. Smaller tasks can be given to junior developers.

Offer Feedback:

If you’re outsourcing the project, the important is to review your work regularly. You need to pay more attention on how they are working, and give feedback on the received works, so that the app developer can make corrections quickly.

It is not a rocket-science to reduce mobile app development costs. By dividing the tasks, removing non-essential features and design elements, you can save money and time.

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Best Ways to Acquire App Users

Mobile app development is becoming more popular throughout the world. Now a days all sorts of businesses are developing mobile apps to acquire new customers into their business to increase revenue. Here some tips that help you build a successful user acquisition strategy.


Create an app that helps users solve a problem

If you are planning mobile app development, you should concentrate more on building a product that solves customer problem. If your app solves user problem, users are more likely to like the app. If your app doesn’t solve problem of people and doesn’t make their lives easy, it is very difficult to convince user to download the app.

See some of the apps like Duolingo and Uber. Duolingo helps people to learn a foreign language without going institutions or coaching centres. On the other hand, Uber helps people cab from anywhere of the city. Both these apps solve real problems of the people, so they became popular virally.

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Make the most of the Freemium modal   

If the application sounds good in its price, people intentionally download it from the app store. So you can go with Freemium model. Make the core features of your app free in order to adopt this model. You can make money from in-app purchases or ads.

Create a referral program

Referral program is one of the best ways to attract new users. You can ask users to refer your app to their friends, for which you should reward them with real money, offer them credits, free premium features, and access to exclusive content, etc.

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