Best App Development Companies in Florida

Mobile app development is becoming increasingly popular, and all sorts and size businesses are using mobile apps to grow their business. If you are looking top mobile app development companies in Florida to develop mobile apps to attract new and existing customers, I have the best list which includes best application development companies in Florida. When choosing between top developers or top mobile app designers in Florida, you should to check their services, portfolio and client reviews. Here is the list.

Best App Development Companies in Florida

Best Application Development Companies in Florida   

FuGenX Technologies LLC is a Deloitte award-winning mobile app development company in New Jersey, Los Angeles and North Carolina. FuGenX was founded in 2008. FuGenX developed and delivered 750+ mobile apps and games on Android, iOS (iPhone & iPad) Windows and Blackberry and 400+ web apps for different industries like Healthcare, Travel and Transport, Education and Manufacturing. Led by Bhabani Sankar Jena, the CEO of FuGenX Technologies, the company has won prestigious Deloitte awards 3 times in last 5 years.

Kogi Mobile is a mobile app development company in Miami, Florida. Kogi is in business since 2013. Kogi has developed and delivered nearly 200 mobile apps and 100 responsive websites for different industries and developed mobile apps on various platforms like iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and apple watch), Android and web apps.

C7 Creative is an emerging mobile app development company in Florida. C7 Creative builds native & hybrid apps. It develops apps for Android, iPhone and iPad. It developed mobile apps like Know It All, Raindrop and Jacksonville Sharks and many other apps developed and delivered successfully.

Teeps is one of the fastest growing mobile app development companies in Florida. Teeps has developed and delivered mobile apps like Code School, Crosswerd and Haulzi apps on various platforms.

Simpalm is one of the leading mobile app development companies in Florida. It was founded in 2009. Simpalm develops mobile apps on different platforms like iOS (iPhone & iPad), Android, Windows and web apps for various industries. Simpalm developed and delivered apps like Taptin, Wellmom app, Forte mobile payment app, and Quaze app.

Integrated Webworks is a mobile app development company in Florida. Integrated Webworks developed and delivered mobile apps like Food truck Finder, Earn Up, Jokieoke and many other apps. It developed mobile apps on various platforms like Android, iOS (iPhone & iPad), Blackberry and Windows.

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HarborDev is a Florida based mobile app development company. HarborDev has developed and delivered mobile apps like Gear Patrol, Syncplicity, Medline and many other apps on various platforms like iOS (iPhone & iPad) and Android platforms.

Polanco Media is a mobile app development company in Florida. Polanco Media develops mobile apps on various platforms like iOS and Android for various industries.

Sourcetoad is one of major mobile app development companies in Florida. Sourcetoad develops mobile apps on native platforms, and also provide hybrid app development and cross-platform app development services. Sourcetoad has provided mobile app development services for different companies like Baxter, Red cell, Moffitt and Jackson Hewitt.

Horton is one of the fastest growing mobile app developers in Florida. Horton provides services like Web design, Web development and Mobile app development. Horton has provided mobile app development services for Manhattan, Subaru, Merck and Cemex.


Best Ways to Solve User Experience Issues in App

Many people are using mobile apps to search, navigate, buy and make their life easier, as a result the mobile application usage has grown at an unprecedented rate. If you’re developing a mobile app, you should remember that mobile app should be intuitive and easy to use, so it can engage and retain existing users and also attract new users into your app. For your reference, mobile app development companies in New York and Los Angeles are internationally recognized for creating user engaging app designs.

Implementing the changes according to user experience research will help you better engage targeted customers. Users can be happy using your app.


Mobile application allows you to better showcase your products, services and offer it to the world. If the app is not created with a user-centric design, users may uninstall your app and prefer to go with similar applications of competitors. To improve your app performance, you have to offer a better user experience.

Which is the best way to convince new users to stay on your application?

Around 70% of users delete the app if they get bad impression in first use. The basic reason for bad impression is bad UI design and complexity in using the app.

If your app is well designed and having all the right features, a poor performance can kill it. Let’s have some of the tips to improve your app’s performance to offer better UX.

Conduct both in-house and real-world tests

You release your app after the dynamic development and QA work and feel satisfied with the result. But sometime the app may perform differently in in-house test than the real world. After releasing your app, you need to analyse the performance of your app with real users. When releasing the new version of the app, make sure the app performance is consistent and it is easy to use.

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Monitor app performance

Regularly monitoring your app’s performance is key to finding out the performance issues at starting stage, so you can solve the problem as soon as possible. Though your app is performing well, there may many errors occur within seconds that defect your app.

Analyse network performance

Slow app is hated by everyone. Nobody prefers using an app if that keep showing “please wait”. So invest into network performance and choose best cloud provider to avoid it. It helps you to avoid network performance issue.

Who We Are?

We are FuGenX Technologies, the leading mobile app development company in USA.  We developed many user engaging apps with compelling UI and UX designs.

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What are the steps I need to take to turn my app idea into a reality?

People are regularly coming with innovative ideas. But a very few succeed in converting ideas into a million dollar business. Idea holders need to be more interactive and work hard for successful conversion.

What are the steps I need to take to turn my app idea into a reality

Steve explained the concept in the best manner. He said “thinking that a really great idea is 90 percent of the work. The problem with that is that there is a tremendous amount of craftsmanship in between a great idea and a great product and as you evolve the great idea, it changes and grows. It never comes out as it starts.”

There are some important points to keep in mind when creating a mobile application development.

Stay focused: There is no boundary for thinking, but that does not mean each idea should be turned into app. If you are interested to turn your idea into a great app, you need to be active around your idea. Those who work hard and passionate about the idea can easily achieve success.

Data Validation: Validation of data with real user feedback is a great deal in marketing a mobile application and making it a successful application. Creating a business plan with extensive research and real customers’ expectations can pave the path of building the app. The main focus of the app should be solving the problems of targeted people.

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Execution: After finalizing your idea and finishing up the research, the next you need to implement it. No application can be a good app until launch and it is used by the people. That idea you have converted into mobile application get evolved over the time and with customer feed backs and it needs to be updated according to changing trends. Instead of spending more money and time in building a perfect business application initially, evolve it over the time.

Finding the correct market: The main concern is market, which you should have well-planned when building the app strategy. Like website, there is no boundary for mobile app, it is a global product. You should extend the market step by step.

Ask customers feedback: When you have built an application, make sure that the application stratified by the targeted customers. Upon feedback, make it better.

Are you looking for a top app development company?

FuGenX Technologies LLC is the fastest growing mobile app development company in New Jersey, North Carolina and Illinois. FuGenX develops mobile apps for all challenging industries including Retail, Telecom and Hospitality. FuGenX develops mobile apps on various platforms like iOS, Android, Blackberry and windows. Vodafone, Big Basket, and Panasonic are FuGenX’s prominent clients.

Reach FuGenX at to turn your app idea into a successful app business.