How to promote your iOS App on Pinterest?

Social media is a crowded world, which has billions of users and every one of them is following hundred to thousands of users. There are dozens of top social media apps developed by top mobile app development companies that allows you to easily connect with your loved ones. If you have an iOS app and looking for better channels to promote it, undoubtedly social media is one of the best ways to do it, particularly on Facebook and Twitter. Being on Facebook and Twitter is important, it is also useful to remember that there are many other social networks around. Pinterest is one among them, which allows you to promote your app well.


Create App Pins

In order to promote your app on Pinterest, first you need to create attractive App Pins. To do that, you need to use attractive images, i.e. app screenshots, and point the pin to your apps listing on the App Store. The pin has “install” option so that the user can install the app directly. Keep updating interesting & attractive App pins, why because they are more likely to get good repins.

Enable pinning from your app

Another best way to promote your iPhone app on Pinterest is to enable pinning from the app. You should thank to Pinterest mobile SDK for this. Integrate Pinterest with your app if you have content that users can pin.

Create a board for your app

Pinterest boards are a collection of images of the same subject. Creating a board for your app is very helpful to keep all related pins at one place and it can also attract more followers. When you create a board for your application, you should not stick to posting screenshots, rather post everything that you think it is relevant and interesting.

Create a lifestyle around it

If you’re happy for your app is going to get increased prominence just because you pinned it, guess again. Creating a Pinterest account means being a useful resource to your followers and pinning what’s new, educative and entertaining for them. It’s not all about your app.

If your followers feel that your app is helping them, then they will be more interested to download your app.

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Link Your App Pin Back to App store

When you’re creating your app pin, make sure you will link it back to your app download page.

Create a different images for your app

Most beautiful aspects about Pinterest is you can create different attractive images for your app. Images should be related to your app and some of them should be linked back to your download page.

Use Reviews and Testimonial   

Some great reviews or testimonials for your app which you’ll have can be linked back to the download page.

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